Truth and Empowerment

Focus: Natural Law, Balance of Power, Ingenuity

Mission: Seek higher truths and encourage living men and women to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them. Welcome to our mission-driven community committed to revealing Natural Law, restoring the Balance of Power, and sparking Ingenuity. Ingenuity is suppressed whenever the balance of power is not in favor of the individual and the people are not savvy to the Laws of Nature and Nature's God and their own true history. Our intention and the purpose of this community is to reveal Natural Law and help restore the balance of power in favor of the individual in order to spark ingenuity.

Science of Freedom Operational Model

Our Focus Is On Six Core Facets of Freedom-Empowered Living

Responsible, rapid growth fueled by freedom and natural abundance is the goal.

We want to focus on six facets of our growth framework, all under-pinned by freedom. 

In the simplest of terms, freedom represents unlimited raw natural power, and perhaps surprisingly to many, the absence of laws. Nature only requires one universal law to operate and yet it offers limitless possibilities in terms of creation.

Freedom can be thought of as an omnipotent, omnipresent "blank slate" energetic substratum upon which the omniscient mind, in all its instantiations, creates anything and everything according to a single universal law of Nature.

However, with possibilities comes responsibilities.  Responsibly exercising freedom is a challenge most are not prepared or willing to embrace.  The Science of Freedom Operational Growth Model is designed to help you comprehend freedom's inherent power and how to responsibly wield it as co-creators.

Keep this operational model in mind going forward to help organize your thoughts and actions.

Science of Freedom 101

Our Motivating Principle is Freedom, Nature's First Condition of Growth

  • People's Moral Compass

    The "one people" are identified by our geographical shared domain, values and behavioral norms for interacting with nature and each other. American founding principles are primarily driven by Natural Law and Mosaic Law, but these defining principles are also common to many cultures throughout mankind's history.

  • Nature's Law

    Discover a 32,000+ year old axiomatic, unified field theory. The science of the Vedas, Pythagoras, Nikola Tesla and so-called modern Quantum Physics. All known (and some unknown) physical constants are axiomatically derived from first principles starting with 1 + 1 = 2. All scientific conundrums are explained.

  • Sovereign People

    Entitled by Laws of Nature and Nature's God, all people are born with unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property). However, no power, no rights. Learn how individuals and peoples are in a constant treacherous competition for Sovereignty (domain, agency, possession) with the powers that be.

  • People's Law

    People's Laws are guided by Nature's Law and the People's Moral Compass. American government are services supporting the one people's self-governance, international trade, commerce and self-defense. Knowing the true story of our Nation's creation and formation is essential to its proper operation and success.

  • People's Enterprises

    Beyond securing life, liberty and property, owning the fruits of one's ingenuity and labor conducted in free-market enterprise is a foundational principle for pursuing one's happiness. Taking responsibility for one's creations, combined with deep insights into Nature's wheelwork, the one people will flourish in unfettered free-market enterprise.

  • Course of Human Events

    Assuming one's separate and equal station among the powers that be while engaged in a constant state of sovereignty competition requires knowledge, skill, duty and honor. The measure of the one people's character along these lines will determine their ability to succeed in life, to grow in harmony with Nature and with each other.

Two Life Energy Sciences

We Offer Insights Into Balanced Interactions With Nature and Mankind

The science of Natural Law underpins all creation; it is the science of the Creator's physical expression; it is the science of Nature's wheelwork. It is immutable and permanent. It is omnipresent and omnipotent. The science of sovereignty (domain, agency, possession) on the other hand is the science of mankind as a self-organizing, self-governing co-creator. The science of sovereignty characterizes the mutual interactions of free and independent men and women living "alone, together" in a civil society under the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God."  The science of sovereignty can be considered an "energy" science because each man or woman is a life capable of creating, organizing and performing work using mind, body and spirit.  Together, knowing these two life energy sciences will increase your capacity to constructively grow and prosper.

As Emmerich De Vattel states in his book entitled THE LAW OF NATIONS OR THE PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW IN FOUR BOOKS (1758) "... it follows, that the natural law of nations is a particular science, consisting in a just and rational application of the law of nature to the affairs and conduct of nations or sovereigns. ...  The necessary and the voluntary laws of nations are therefore both established by nature, but each in a different manner: the former, as a sacred law which nations and sovereigns are bound to respect and follow in all their actions; the latter, as a rule which the general welfare and safety oblige them to admit in their transactions with each other. The necessary law immediately proceeds from nature; and that common mother of mankind recommends the observance of the voluntary law of nations, in consideration of the state in which nations stand with respect to each other, and for the advantage of their affairs."

Both sciences are simple in their formulation but grow in complexity due to the number and combinations of interactions.  The science of Natural Law only requires that you know 1 + 1 = 2; miraculously, it is the logic of counting.  The science of sovereignty, the art of organizing individual and group effort for purposes of amplifying mankind's energy to achieve some effect, to protect or produce for example, only requires that you are a curious, critical, ingenious thinker who enjoys knowing the Who, What, Why and Where of things.  If you are good at strategy games from checkers to chess or Risk to Settlers, then you will be a natural at the science of sovereignty.  It has been said that the science of Natural Law is "so simple a child could understand it, but an adult would have to give up their preconceived notions first." Similarly, one could say that the science of sovereignty is "so simple a child could understand it, but an adult would have to cast off their dogmatic tendencies and indoctrinations first."

Take A More Direct Path

Our Purpose Is to Offer You a More Direct Path

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people

 ... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." 

- Thomas Jefferson

You are born free as an individual sovereign of the land and soil jurisdiction, but you are immediately immersed in a competitive environment, and literally conscripted into foreign citizenship obligating you to be governed by foreign entities operating under sea and air jurisdictions that do not recognize your natural unalienable rights. Powers that be will capture and hijack your life beginning at the date of your "birth" registration. It takes knowledge, discipline, competency, self-defense, duty and honor to stay on the one people's ideal path to becoming a savvy sovereign.

Beyond that, becoming an ingenious sovereign takes even greater knowledge and discipline if your desire is to responsibly hitch your mind and machinery to Nature's wheelwork.  Becoming a Savvy Sovereign is a prerequisite to becoming an Ingenious Sovereign. (Note: original meaning of ingenious meant "natural ability" and "of honorable or free birth, noble in character, open, frank, candid") 

Your mindset and future will be transformed

How will knowing the truth set you free? ... How will knowing Nature's inner workings bring clarity to your life? ... or, escaping commercial enslavement create new opportunity? ... or, unfettering free-market enterprise help you grow and prosper?